Two sides to every story

From Felix Magath’s facebook page:

Dear Facebook friends and fans, incorrect messages deal with my work. For you the clarification. I put this on your judgment and objectivity. This “cheese story” of the player’s Hangeland is cheese like nonsense. I would never prescribe a physician but, what he has to do. I told only the player with an inflammation in the knee, in addition with the old recipe Quark to To try it. Unfortunately, misrepresentation of hillside lands of media in its distorted portrayal is applied. It is however different. Compliment the work of the German press agency, work carefully and ask directly, before they put something in the public domain.

Often, footballers, reached no more attention with their services via verbal appearance to give a public. I have never experienced such behavior by world-class people such as Michael Ballack and Raul. Regarding alleged hard in the Club, I would like the Assistant Coach of Nottingham Forest, Steve Wigley, quote, worked with me in Fulham and publicly expressed a few days ago: “I like Felix, he was Very good to me during this time.”

I would like to be judged objectively in the profession after my work. Otherwise you don’t see it safely in your everyday also. Against criticism, I have absolutely nothing to argue against unprofessional controversy and Backbiting, mixed with stories of alleged “insiders” I keep myself. However, Me too will proceed.

If your questions for me, just to the attached email address, I will answer then this soon on my website. Thank you for your attention and support.

Greetings and See you.
Your Felix Magath

9 thoughts on “Two sides to every story

  1. Always two sides every story as you say . You correctly said on Kostas Mitroghou that he was unsuited to British football . With respect maybe the same could be applied to you , it is a very different game , especially in the championship . Now of course had your methods worked you would have been a genius , but they did not . Anyway you now have more time to enjoy Puerto Rico .

  2. What a strange response, looks like a late night google translate. Also looks like an angry stream of consciousness reply. Whether any of the stories are true or not this slightly demented reply makes me even more glad he’s gone.

  3. Danny Murphy has chimed in.

    “I texted Brede to ask if it was true. Brede told me it was, and that the cheese had to be soaked in alcohol, and that he was told to phone his mother because it would help to speak to someone who loves him while the cheese is working” – former Fulham player Danny Murphy verifies Daniel Taylor’s tale about Felix Magath’s cheesy treatment of Brede Hangeland’s knack.

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