Birmingham away

The season starts here. After the chaos of the last… well it seems like forever, doesn’t it, we can start to think about games on their merits. Birmingham away becomes Birmingham away, not another episode in Mike Gregg’s Felix Bingo, not another excruciating exercise in demonstrating how far we’ve fallen. No, it feels like games are about to get winnable.

Birmingham’s a nice fixture in this sense. They opened up with a defeat at Middlesbrough, beat Brighton 1-0 at home, drew 2-2 with Ipswich, then at Brentford (1-1), before being thumped 3-0 by Sunderland in the League Cup and 4-0 at Wigan in the league.

In September they’ve drawn with Leeds, lost at home to Sheffield Wednesday (Blues manager and friend of Fulham, Lee Clark: “We were the dominant team in the first half and then the second half things changed too dramatically for us.”) and drawn away at Norwich, surrendering a 2-0 lead in the process (Clark: “there so many positives to take from this – we look a good team when we do things right. Today a mad five minutes cost us a win – but not many teams will come here and getting any sort of positive result.”)

It kinds of sounds familiar: a biggish team that somehow less than itself at the moment and trying to draw optimism from a tricky situation. (It should be a good game, and if you are travelling to the match and need overnight accommodation in Birmingham, ibis hotels has a few affordable options.)

I’m expecting a tight encounter as Fulham move to solidify. Hopefully Kit Symons gets a few weeks to show what he can do.

8 thoughts on “Birmingham away

  1. “The season starts here”. If Kit fails to impress then we will have a new manager in in a few weeks and he will say the same “The season starts here”. It is nothing more than a pop-psychological metaphor that is used to gee fans up. It does not mean anything.

  2. need to beat Doncastrer first tonight, if we do that it could really help us at the weekend. We got a bounce after beating Brentford and played really well against Cardiff. Then for some reason Felix changed things around again against Reading..

  3. Funnily enough, the betting people at St Andrews were, in the away end anyway, highlighting an offer on: `Blues leading at half-time. Fulham to win.’ (19-1 was it?)

    Big question is how much the steep reverse in fortunes after our equaliser was down to Birmingham’s confidence deflation and how much to our having two bust-a-gut merchants upfront with McCormack pulling the strings behind them. That’s a first, isn’t it? We’ve surely not had Hugo and Cauley in tandem anyway.

    It worked a treat, suggestive of starting that way on against Bolton. On the other hand that wouldn’t leave room in the same starting eleven for both Ross and Bryan, let alone Chris David.

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