6 thoughts on “Hypnosis

  1. How on earth did the club arrive at the decision to send this boy out on loan last season?! It beggars belief.

    I wish we could sign him up for another 5 years.

  2. True, though many players have been booed in recent memory and found form with a bit of time – Zamora, Baird etc. We all like an opinion, but clearly the man has spades of talent. The weirdest part of the decision was to remove him AND Berbatov AND Taarabt all in the one week.

    Anyway, he certainly showed his class against Bolton – that pass, the flick for McCormack, his cross for the goal, and he almost scored with the volley in the second minute. Wonderful stuff.

    1. That transfer window where the 4 most booed players (Senderos was the other) all got shipped out was deeply weird. It felt like we were making decisions based on the opinions of our angriest fans.

  3. I didn’t get a chance to see the Middlesborough game, but reports suggested that Ruiz wasn’t as effective. If so, I wonder to what extent he was singled out not only as a result of World Cup performances but because Boro’s analysis team had watched tapes of the Bolton game.

    Is there then a cycle? He had an ineffective game, so next time round he won’t be targeted as much, he therefore gets more space, and therefore is effective. The game after, he gets targeted again, and so on.

    Will be interesting to see….

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