Levelling the playing field


We’ve talked about this in the past several times. The answer is “confrontations”. The more confrontations you have, the more talent will overcome the noise from random variation. A sport like basketball has plenty of confrontations. This allows the talent to shine through more, and so, keeps random variation at bay. That is, don’t expect many upsets. If however the NBA was limited to a 12-minute game, random variation would fly. The predictability would be severely reduced. And if you limit the season to a 32-game season as well, that would further allow random variation to take center stage.

The NBA is considering a 44-minute game. I love that they took the initiative. I don’t think they’ll get anything worth reporting on, especially based on one game.

It’ll never happen, and it probably never should happen, but if Premier League games were reduced to an hour, or even 45 minutes, the big teams wouldn’t dominate quite as much, you’d get more teams competing and it would be more interesting overall.

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