Fulham’s Offensive Woes in One Chart

Perhaps Bryan Ruiz staying is a blessing in disguise, and Matt Smith returning at the end of the month might be the catalyst Fulham need, because currently they are extremely over-reliant on two players, and two players alone:

(image courtesy of @stats_snakeoil and his great http://statsandsnakeoil.wordpress.com/ blog)

Oy vey.

The “Emergency Loan Window” runs until mid-March right? Might need to do some dumpster diving…

3 thoughts on “Fulham’s Offensive Woes in One Chart

  1. Our offense is nothing to brag about, yes, but it’s our defense which is truly offensive – and by that I mean it’s sour, flat, and unappealing. Others much brighter than I have certainly compiled stats to show how many games we might have won (or at worst, tied) had we been able to hold the other team at bay.

    So let’s stick Ross up in the #10 slot where he belongs, let’s get the band back together and pair him up with Matt Smith, and let LVC and Parker work the midfield. Then let’s dig through whatever dumpster we have to and brush the coffee grounds and egg shells off someone who can shore up our back line. Because if we can’t keep the goals out, then not much else matters.

    1. ah yes but is the bad defense a symptom of our poor offense, or vice versa? I’d think the former as our Save% has increased all season while the Shooting% has flatlined and TSR has decreased. Then look at the chart above and it’s clear to see we’re quite neutralized if Hugo and Ross don’t play out of their minds.

      1. We’re 9th in the league on goals for, and 23rd on goals conceded so the bad defence can’t be entirely a symptom of what’s going on at the other end.

        My instinct is that our Save% is good because of a great keeper and decent centre-backs, and we score lots of goals because Hugo and Ross are amazing. But every other position on the pitch is a bit of a car crash.

        There’s a huge gap in quality between our best 4-5 players and the rest of the squad. the opposite of the situation a few years ago when we had cover in every position (Chris Baird, for most of them)

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