Fulham 1-0 Blackpool; Fulham Survive And Yet…

Jesus H Blackpool is but 1 point away from setting an all-time low record for points and yet:


Blackpool. Shot. Nearly. Twenty. Times.

This (tragic) dumpster fire of a club is 22nd in total shots for and, thankfully for Fulham, 23rd in shots on target for. Their Shooting %, despite somehow better than Rotherham, is 22nd but not even 24% (i.e. only 1 of their 4 shots on target go in the net.)

As of last month, they barely had 130 DZ shots total in about 40 games. On Saturday they got 5.

And Fulham set out a fairly defensive lineup.

Which may explain whey they had six total shots. Against an opponent that is DEAD LAST in total shots AND shots on target against (Spoiler alert: Fulham also had two shots on target. TWO. But hey, 50% Shooting Percentage!)

Oh and looks like Fulham’s second leading scorer and shot taker was left on the bench, again.

Statistically speaking, this may match may have crossed the rubicon for me. There’s no tenable reason to keep Kit as manager after the Norwich match. The defense is bad, the offense is petering, results are being achieved when they shouldn’t be, and the team selection is confounding.

Any of those in isolation would be acceptable. Two of four? Eeeeep. All Four? Toodle-oo.

2 thoughts on “Fulham 1-0 Blackpool; Fulham Survive And Yet…

  1. I have read your well considered , balanced and intelligently articulated commentaries all season and at times have disagreed with but respected your views.

    Today’s posting is spot on .

    I won’t make any further excuses for the squad that Kit inherited , as he could and should have made significant improvements in January but thought he’d cracked it .

    If Saturday’s result proves to be crucial in our survival , it should not be allowed to be crucial in Kit’s .

    Nice as he may be , he’s demonstrated to everybody since the new year that he is only capable of getting us relegated and the executive would be absolutely barmy to keep him as manager .

    I expect he will be gone within a week of the season ending . If not , season ticket sales will be dramatically down as it will be a clear sign that the club is showing little ambition .

    The Championship is a very exciting and competitive league and I want us to be truly competing in it . In many ways this season has been far worse than last when at least we had excuses for our circumstances .

    Roll on 15/16 .

    1. Lee: curious, are you addressing Rich or me (Timmy)?

      Either way, I just don’t see how Kit stays. Yes the squad stinks. Yes things took a dive when LVC went out and Hugo forgot how to score. But this? Against a terrible opponent like that? If it was 1-0 with an even 3-4 shots per team…okay fine. But nearly 20 for our 6? When one team outshot them 42-3 in one game?

      I didn’t want to run another data set until the end of season (so the finale would be included), but I just may do so after Saturday’s game vs Boro. Things were beginning to regress to Magath levels in the last set, and they may bottom out by then. If Magath got canned for posting similar numbers, then theoretically Kit must too.

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