I don’t know what it means, but…


This looks at points per game depending on how Kit Symons changed his team.  So in games where we were unchanged under Symons Fulham averaged 0.7 points per game.  In games where we made 1-2 changes we averaged twice as many points.  In games where he made three changes we did better yet, averaging 1.7 points.

I doubt that the differences between the top bars are significant, but there’s something afoot at the bottom.   The same applies when we look at performance v expectation (per previous posts): with no changes the team does worse against opponents than you might hope.  When he made 1-3 changes the team did okay.  (this time, an overhaul caused us to underperform slightly).

Put in language that people might understand, we were unchanged seven times and only won once, 3-2 against a Forest team which pretty much battered us.

In our best games, Bettinelli, Bodurov, Staflylidis, LVC, Parker, Ruiz, McCormack played in all.

I don’t think this has really helped much.

2 thoughts on “I don’t know what it means, but…

  1. I am not surprised that Bodurov, LVC, Parker, Ruiz, McCormack played in our best games. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Parker also played in most of our worst too!

    Bodurov seemed to have a really mixed season. At times looked so assured and at others, as incompetent as the rest.

    I think assuming all stay, then LVC, Ruiz and McCormack must be the players next season’s team are build around. Parker – I am not sure what we will see from him next season yet. Betts – I think with a better defence in front of him should be ok as our No. 1.

    Just a new defence, wide players and a central mid or two needed then…

  2. It’s interesting to see that the constant tinkering with personnel wasn’t a big part of the problem. It had been one of my main gripes with the way kit ran things. Though I would imagine that if you threw in the Magath games, that ‘overhaul’ column would start to look very shaky indeed.

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