Mike Rigg


A bit of googling is quite instructive here, isn’t it?  I’m not saying he’s going to be the answer – how can we know – but he seems to be a thoroughly modern football man.

A Mark Hughes man, too, interestingly enough.

This is interesting, for instance:

* Built up a 30-strong worldwide scouting network, enabling the club to spot players early and establish good contacts with other clubs and associations to ease transfers.

* Creates detailed dossiers on target players, covering everything from psychological make-up to performances at home and away against tough and weak opposition. The security of a player’s background and family is important. Took advice from the Miami Dolphins NFL team.

* Keeps an information bank to help players acclimatise in Manchester. Mark Hughes told Rigg how when he signed for Barcelona in 1986 they offered him a contract but no help on accommodation or acclimatisation. At City, it was established which area of Manchester would suit David Silva and what Mario Balotelli’s favoured recreations might be.

My sense is that someone who had scaled the heights at Manchester City and landed a plum FA role wasn’t going to come to Fulham just because he liked the idea of a wooden grandstand.  I think he’s going to be running the show, and that Kit Symons’ slightly sheepish interview reflected this.  (“Kit, you can either be our manager on these terms or you can be our ex-manager on these terms”).

Gazza on TiFF, whose opinions I find suspect but whose info is usually sound, says that Rigg is rubbing some up the wrong way, but presumably that’s part intentional and part a function of overhauling a sorry first team environment.

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