Manager personalities

While I catch up on video (currently watching Hull game), a brief note I’ve been meaning to post for a while about how Kit Symons got a bit of a boost post-Magath.

The below is taken directly from the Bill James Guide to Baseball Managers. I believe this to be absolutely true.  The team probably had the right idea in hiring Magath, but got the wrong version of high pressure. Kit was in some ways exactly what the club needed after Magath, but the board/committee/whoever may have (probably did) err in misjudging the improved results that followed.




11 thoughts on “Manager personalities

  1. I agree with the comments, it’s about time for Kit to go. Let’s go for big Sam , he is available at present.

  2. An example in a baseball manager; Bruce Bochy. Seems to fit the mold of a Sir Alex or Sir Roy. My additional concern is Kit is too laid back for our young team. We don’t need a Big Sam, but a manager who commands respect would take this group up the table quickly.

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