Coping without Ross McCormack

What happens when you lose a 28 goal striker?! (And Matt Smith, as it happens).  First set of tables is Leeds pre and post McCormack sale.  Tables below show what happened when Watford sold 24 goal Danny Graham to Swansea. In both cases the team was not harmed.



8 thoughts on “Coping without Ross McCormack”

  1. Maybe. But maybe not. You can cherry pick examples like this but you can do the same to make the opposite case. First one that comes to mind is Villa and Benteke. He left and they went down. Without McCormack’s goals this season we’d be in the 3rd division. Now it just feels like we have a problem in the back and up front. I hope you are right and his absence is less noticed than feared. Me, I’m finding plenty to worry about!

  2. They both did the same in terms of league table ranking, but both declined in terms of goal differential. If the point is that folks are probably over-reacting to losing McCormack, fair enough. But it does look like Fulham will be (even) worse this season, making relegation a very real possibility. Losing McCormack is a big part of that.
    I obviously hope to be proven wrong, but it’s hard to see how Fulham will be competitive this year.

  3. Although my evidence is purely anecdotal, I’m completely with Rich on this. So many times it seems that clubs even get a short term boost in performance after selling their “star” striker. As long as 1. we got a good price and 2. we pick up another striker, we should be just fine.

  4. Unrelated to the above, will be visiting London from the States and planning on going to the home match against QPR. Looks like it’s sold out. Any advice on how to get tickets? Is there a reputable secondary market website? Thanks

  5. This is obviously a bit late to reply… however: Another case (I recall a pundit talking about) that adds to your arguments is van Nistelroy. He was Uniteds top scorer in his last three seasons with them, but they didn’t win any of those titles. As soon he left they won back to back titles.

    The main reason of writing though is to say that I miss your articles rich! Such an integral part of the football week for me. Obviously fully appreciate if you don’t have the time with work and family obligations any more (wouldn’t be any different for me if I could write as well as you). But for what it’s worth, I thought I’d remind you how much your articles were appreciated. It was another reason why I love being a Fulham supporter: Win or lose, no other club in the country had a blog like yours!

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