Burnley 2-1 Fulham


I’m guessing most of you watched most of that so no need to go over the gory details.  This time we’ll do some bullet points:

  • It was always going to be hard and ultimately that’s probably a par result.  The damage was done well before today
  • But there was still a chance.  In the first half Fulham played like a team with no idea what to do.  The panicked football was an eyesore and the team looked thoroughly incoherent.  So often the only players with space were Bryan and Christie and I don’t think that can be allowed to continue
  • In the second half Cairney came on and the team focused on maintaining possession.  Cairney and Seri (90+ touches and 70+ passes – more like it!) started to run the game and Fulham potentially deserved something from the game, but again too many moves saw Christie as a key man at a key moment and he couldn’t take advantage of that.   We all remember Damien Duff on the right edge of the area, don’t we?  It’s not a fair comparison but that’s life.
  • It’s unfortunate in a way.  Burnley were on top for a short time and scored through two own goals during that, whereas Fulham had the upper hand for most of the second half and nothing quite went their way.   The much maligned Vietto deserved a goal for a well taken volley which was scrambled off the line, for instance.
  • Absent a miracle it’s quite hard to see a recovery now.   Other suspects are getting their act together and a string of wins will be needed.  There’s actually a reasonable argument for selling some players during the window rather than buying them, building for next season and dodging a financial apocalypse.  Nobody would ever do that of course and probably quite rightly but you’d question the wisdom of lobbing another £50m at this given the probabilities and the difference said players might be expected to make anyway.  I mean, put Cahill in the middle of that and maybe you survive those goalmouth scrambles, but maybe you don’t.
  • The chance to change things around was when the club changed managers but I don’t know that they got that right, and now we have a team that once played good possession football playing a strange hybrid formation that seems to nullify the strengths of its best players while emphasising some of the more limited players.  I mean it’s encouraging to see players like Vietto given a run out because clearly the man has talent and you want that to shine through because if you get talented players firing you go places, but somewhere there has to be more doesn’t there?  Somehow there has to be more.   And there isn’t.

One thought on “Burnley 2-1 Fulham”

  1. This season is done in my opinion. No transfer business is going to turn this round and I agree with you, I’ve already said it on TIFF, that we need now to prepare a squad for a promotion push next year – certainly not make FFP worse and spend big on aging players.

    But we are getting NO luck.

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