I have to admit this video made me a bit misty and put a lump in my throat. Some scenes I had forgotten or tried to forget and others gave me the chills. Warner’s bobble, McBride’s knee, the wink, three times off the bar, and finally Rich and the gang in a blurry and distant parting shot. It’s all here in the best produced video I’ve seen yet of the season. And how can you go wrong with The Verve? Enjoy!


In a turn around of turn arounds, our boys in white, well actually red & black today, beat Portsmouth away. Incredible is an understatement as Fulham wins on the road again. 3 away wins after going almost two years without an away win. As well, the win made it 4 victories out of their last 5 games. They say wining is contagious and in a post game interview, the lone goal scorer Danny Murphy, as well as teammate Jimmy Bullard said as much. Confidence breads confidence and Roy Hodgson has instilled a believe in our side that we’ve not seen in some time.

Astonishing events really. Portsmouth had a chance in the dying minutes that saw the turn and shot go well over the bar as everyone in the pub gasped and then collectively sighed. Then there was the 3 min. of stoppage time. I had been on my feet since about the 70th minute and though my legs felt wobbly, this was no time to sit down.

Finally, Mark Clatterburg’s whistle, and Fulham have saved their premiership hides and will be around again for another year in 08/09. Which will make it the Cottagers’ 8th consecutive season in the Premiership.

I was able to watch the game live at “The Local” pub in Minneapolis and were joined by about 15 others. The small room exploded when Murphy nodded in at 75th minute. There were also numerous Toby sightings, particularly during the post match celebration. How can you miss someone with a Mexican hat and a large blue inflatable. Toby, you looked great on television world wide.

So leave your thoughts.

Audio interview with Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey talks to U.S. Soccer about his experience at Fulham and the current relegation fight. He also explains his contract extension.

What the new manager has done is really help us work on our shape defensively. So I think we’re a hard team to break down. Then we’ve gotten some goals from our forwards, Kamara, Mc Bride and Nevland.

Any time you’re able to not concede goals and then score goals you always have a chance to win.

Click here to listen.

Unbelievable! Birmingham 0 – 2 Fulham

If I thought I was speechless last week, I have no freaking idea what I am this week.

In a game that Fulham seemed to control from start to finish except for a few moments here and there, Fulham won their third game in four and lifted themselves out of the relegation zone. Goals by Brian Mc Bride and an incredibly important insurance goal by the cool finishing Eric Nevland, made sure the Cottagers still have a chance to stay up in the premiership with a good outing next week, away at Portsmouth, who lost today 0-2 to Middlesbrough.

On a personal note, I watched the game at a local pub with fellow Fulham follower Spencer and my good friend Bruce from Although Bruce follows Fulham from a distance because of the 5 Americans on the team, he is not a Fulham supporter like Spencer and I. So I think he enjoyed watching us agonize through the last 10 min. of the game. But all three of us were excited and had an eye on the other TV as Reading went down in flames today. Which could mean only one thing. We are STILL ALIVE!

Some interesting stats that proves that all that central midfield control we’ve been seeing get better week by week, really paid off in this game today.

Possession was held by Fulham with a whopping 63.6% to 36.4%

Passing was dominated by Fulham as well, 70.3% to 57.8%

Some links:

The always sensible Roy Hodgson speaks to the BBC

BBC report


Sky Sports

Lastly, how does this look?

Keep the faith!

Man City 2-3 Fulham

I don’t even know what to say. Seriously, I’m speechless and the words are not coming to me. Does this give us hope? Or is this totally Fulhamish, just prolonging the inevitable? Either way, a huge win today.

OK, all you Diomansy Kamara and Danny Murphy critics, let’s hear you today. Kamara with a brace, one in injury time for the win and Murphy with a goal and an assist in the winning goal.

Truly, unbelievable!

Fulham 2-2 Derby

For the second time this year we draw against Derby County, the worst team in the league. Really, is it any surprise we’re in second to last place then, just a position above Derby? Perhaps we hold ourselves in higher esteem that we should. But no matter, for whatever reason, we just seem unable to make it happen.

I was not able to catch the game and stayed free of news until just now. I DVR’d the game and just finished watching it. I’m sort of speechless really. I think I feel more resigned than disappointed.

Roy says there’s still a chance, but he says that every game and were narrowing our odds every game as well.

We did score two goals today. The first time in almost two months. Unlikely characters too, in Kamara and Bouazza. That’s something. I’m not sure what, but it’s something.

Bolton get beat in a 3 goal comeback by Arsenal, that’s something. Wigan get beat, that too is something. But Birmingham beat Man City, even a man down. What the ???? And Sunderland and Reading seem to be on a mini-run.

Oh well, as I said, I’m feeling resigned today and sort of at peace about the whole thing. All is well in Brian’s world no matter the result.

International round up

Lafferty_Healy_Craven Cottage Newsround

I spoke yesterday about these internationals possibly being a thing for our Fulham players, and I do believe that is exactly what happened.

Northern Ireland 4-1 Georgia

Steven Davis fed David Healy for a goal in a 4-1 rout. Kyle Lafferty, who was once a Fulham transfer target himself, scored two for N. Ireland. Healy received special recognition at the half for his record European goal scoring campaign this past year.

USA 3-0 Poland

This was a huge win for the US and a real let down for Poland (who are grouped with Germany, Austria and Croatia next summer in the Euros).   Carlos Bocanegra got on the board first with an excellent redirected snap-header into the near post. The 3-0 win was the largest for the US in Europe since 1998.

Clint Dempsey Craven Cottage Newsround

Clint Dempsey also played fairly well but Eddie Johnson looked very much like he has so far for Fulham and disappointed most US fans. His lack of confidence seems to continue to hound him. A report from Sports Illustrated.

Wales 2-0 Luxembourg

Simon Davies with his 50th cap and a celebratory win as captain of his Wales side.

Internationals, good or bad?

I was thinking about the internationals this week and contemplating whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing to have some of our players leave Motspur Park to join their national teams for a quick midweek game. Particularly knowing that we are in a relegation battle for our premiership life. While you could certainly make arguments for it hurting the team, I’ve come to the conclusion, (in my own warped mind), that it’s indeed a good thing, as long as they’re not having to fly half-way round the world to do so.

Case in point would be this article on Simon Davies getting his 50th cap for Wales. It’s really a landmark game for him and he’ll be captaining the team. This has to be a “feel good” moment for Davies and might be a nice break from all the work and frustration at Fulham currently.

Another example would be Carlos Bocanegra and Clint Dempsey. Bocanegra is having a problem getting minutes at Fulham and will join his American teammates and feel like a wanted player again. Dempsey will join in with an attack that seems to score goals most games and he is usually in the thick of that attack.

These players have all been under a tremendous amount of pressure for a good long while now. Breaking camp, joining up with your fellow countrymen and playing under a different sort of pressure might be a bit more fun and out of the routine. In fact it might be exactly what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate some of these players after a very long season.