Ruiz, the Shooter

For such a high-priced signing, a lot of us didn’t know a whole lot about Bryan Ruiz. Unfortunately, I haven’t found many good information sources for the Dutch Eredivisie, but Ruiz does have a handful of Champions League and international appearances that I can pull shooting data from. A few things I was able to… More Ruiz, the Shooter

Retaining Possession

Lots of excellent points brought up in Timmy’s post (and the comments that followed) this past Sunday regarding possession. Our front six at West Brom looked like this:           Dembélé – Kamara Dempsey – Greening – Baird – Gera Then, at home v Wigan:           Dembélé -… More Retaining Possession

Similarity Scores

Before I get started, allow me a quick introduction.  I’m Colin, who you may remember from my dormant blog Championship at Best.  Yep, I’m that stats geek.  Rich invited me to contribute an occasional piece over here, and since I haven’t really had the time to maintain a site on my own, that invitation sounded… More Similarity Scores